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Crest Nicholson in association with Bath Stone Group and Bath City College Skills Centre, continues to support and encourage the use of Bath Stone, and the art and craft of stone carving. Recognising the significance, craft and industry of Bath Stone for the World Heritage city of Bath, Crest Nicholson is launching the next phase of stone carving competitions.


To design a public stone carved seat to be placed in Bath Riverside.

The Prize.

  •   2m x 1.2m x 1.5 metre block of Bath Stone placed on site at Bath Riverside. Final size TBC by Bath Stone Group subject to availability.
  •   Covered, hard standing work area.
  •   28 days accommodation
  •   £2500

The Commissioner.

Crest Nicholson
Crest House
Pyrcroft Road
KT16 9GN

Who can take part?

Stone carvers and masons taking participating in the Festival of Stone 2013

What is it we are looking for?

Contemporary public seating designs that can be realised in Bath stone.
The stone block will be provided. Other materials can be incorporated but will not be additionally paid for. The designs of the seats, benches or chairs must be appropriate to the architecture and landscape and must be able to be realised on site.

The finished stone seating must be secure, stable, safe and functional and require minimal maintenance. The design must be durable enough to withstand all weathers and public use. E.g please take into account rain gathering in puddles on surfaces, small details that can easily be broken off and water ingress from the base of the stone.

The arts panel will be looking for good design and innovation that combines the natural material into functional, delightful, charming, witty, elegant, comfortable, and artistic, public seating. The design can be decorative or minimal but must be contemporary and a response to the art strategy theme of Elements. We are looking for innovation and invention not classical designs.

What is the Theme?

The Elements theme was inspired by the history of chemical production that arose on the Western Riverside site from the introduction of gas power to Bath; the sustainable concerns of Crest Nicholson for the environment; and the combination of architectural, landscape and art components. Elements embraces the industrial heritage, depth and the significance of the location. Elements reflects the varied characteristics and communities that contribute to the nature of Bath.


  • Crest Nicholson
  • Bath Stone Group
  • Festival of Stone C.I.C.
  • City of Bath College

How do I take part?

The brief and forms are available at
Download Documents

Complete the registration form and submit it with a PDF of your designs by post, email to or online at Crest Registration

For further information or enquiries please contact:
Bruce Yates, 07910510101
Peter Dickinson, 07796457017

What will I get?

The opportunity to have a piece of your work permanently incorporated into the fabric of the historical development at Bath Western Riverside.


The location of the seat/seating will be agreed once the final design is selected.

Can I do more than one?

Yes, you can submit a maximum of 3 designs.

The deadlines – How long have I got?

The design must be submitted by Midnight Saturday June 1st 2013

Who is on the selection panel?

    • Debbie Aplin, Crest Nicholson Regeneration Managing Director
    • Ian Steed, Development Executive
    • Peter Dickinson, Monkey Business Arts Consultant
    • Tanya Josham, City of Bath College, Artist.

When will I know if my work has been selected?

The winning design will be announced at the gala evening of the Festival of Stone. The panels decision is final. The winning design will be for exclusive use by Crest Nicholson at Bath Riverside

Looking for Inspiration?

For inspiration please look at the fine examples of carving around Bath and the Google search for stone seating.

The Museum of Bath at Work 
The Building of Bath Collection 

Elements definitions:

    •  A fundamental, essential, or irreducible constituent of a composite entity.
    • Elements. The basic principles of a subject.
    • Mathematics. a member of a set.
    • Chemistry & Physics: Elements cannot be reduced to simpler substances bynormal chemical means. The building blocks of everything.
    • One of four substances: earth, air, fire, or water, formerly regarded as afundamental constituent of the universe.
    • Electricity: the elements of a power circuit.
    • The forces that constitute the weather.
    • An environment naturally suited to, or associated with an individual: She is in herelement when organising.
    • A distinct group within a larger community: the artistic element on campus.
    • Elements: spiritual.

Be adventurous…have a go.

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